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Your one-stop solution with all the tools your company needs to succeed at an affordable per-employee cost. Easy Office allows your internal resources to focus on the business, not technology challenges.

Work Anywhere from Any Device Securely

CCSI has developed and integrated with the “best of breed” cloud computing and voice technologies to provide its clients with a simple, secure, and cost-effective per user solution for all operational and compliance needs.




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Benefits of Easy Office

Complete Control of Your Data

With Easy Office Your Data is Always Secure and Backed-Up

Your Data is Always Secure and Accessible

Encryption is Standard and All of Your Data is Encrypted.

Built -in Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

Built -in Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

Eliminates Hardware & Software Purchases

Eliminates Hardware & Software Purchases

Ransom-ware Prevention and Security

Ransom-ware Prevention and Security

What Our Easy Office Includes

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Storage, Back-up & Support:

Cloud Voice:

Best of Breed

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