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Kelley Allen


With over 30 years of experience in IT, Kelley brings his military experience and discipline to each day to help motivate his team to succeed.

Elyshia Allen


With 10 years of experience as a C-Level Executive and a degree in Business Administration, Elyshia brings her expertise in ERPs and Finance to CCSI’s operations.

William Mulcahy

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Mr. Mulcahy has 30+ years of experience in information systems development and management, and sales.

Corey Gallatin

IT Director

Tyler Fletcher

Systems Engineer

Samuel Fernandes

Voice Engineer

Phil Fernandes

Support Administrator

Alex Estevez

Support Service Administrator

Alex Carnicero

Support Service Administrator

Cori Strickland

Support Administrator

Mary Chu

Office Manager

Arthur Shirman

Support Service Administrator

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