Moving to the cloud can be a daunting task.
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You're always being asked to do more with less

You need advanced security and an easy way to manage your business. You need predictable monthly technology expenses. You need faster onboarding and support when you need it.

All while reducing your technical spend.

Next-Gen Desktop with AI is the Answer

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Next-Gen Way

The Next-Gen Way

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The Old-Fashioned Way

The Next-Gen Way

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This is where Next-Gen Desktop comes in.

Break free from the constant cycle of procuring, provisioning, maintaining, securing, and managing multiple devices.

We take care of everything behind the scenes, allowing you to concentrate on strategic projects and boost your productivity.

Zero Trust Security

Secure the edge and never worry about sensitive data being compromised

Real-time Audio & Video

Experience seamless, lag-free audio and video as our standard, ensuring uninterrupted communication and crystal-clear quality for all your calls and meetings

Predictable Cost

Accurately predict user costs and eliminate the uncertainties associated with outdated technologies

True Mobility

Work from anywhere on any device, and eliminate the need for frequent hardware upgrades

Deploy Users in Minutes

Streamline operations by allowing IT to add and deploy new users in minutes instead of days or weeks

Passionate Support

As an extension of your IT team, we provide tailored support and consultative guidance around the clock, 24x7x365, to simplify your IT operations

Comprehensive Suite of AI Powered Call Center and VoIP Solutions

We are the only VDI provider that delivers a full-featured AI powered UCaaS and CCaaS
platform, seamlessly integrated with our Next-Gen Desktop

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A full featured AI powered enterprise PBX platform that fully integrates with Salesforce and Teams

  • Significantly reduce telecommunication costs with CCSI and 3CX VoIP technology by eliminating PRI and PBX costs
  • Enable seamless communication from anywhere with 3CX’s mobile and web apps, supporting remote work and business continuity
  • Benefit from a wide range of features including call queues, video conferencing, and CRM integration, enhancing productivity and customer service

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Communicate and collaborate internally and externally with 99.9% uptime

  • Combine the advanced telephony features of 3CX with the collaborative tools of Microsoft Teams, providing a seamless communication experience within a single platform
  • Reduce telephony costs by leveraging 3CX’s VoIP technology while continuing to use Teams for internal communication, avoiding the need for additional phone system licenses
  • Enable Teams users to make and receive external calls directly from the Teams interface, streamlining workflows and improving productivity by minimizing the need to switch between applications

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Full integration with Salesforce makes migration a breeze

  • Automatically log calls, create new records, and access customer information directly from Salesforce during calls, reducing manual data entry and improving efficiency
  • Provide personalized service with screen pops that display customer details and history, enabling informed and effective communication
  • Seamlessly integrate call activities with Salesforce workflows, enabling better tracking, reporting, and management of customer interactions and sales processes

Ready to start a conversation?

Our experienced team of trusted technology experts seamlessly integrates with your IT department to solve challenges, deliver business solutions, and empower IT to excel. From the initial consultation to ongoing post-implementation support, we are always ready to assist you.

CHAMPS healthcare was facing a significant investment in new server hardware, new desktop hardware, and a entirely new disaster recovery data center to ensure they were HIPAA compliant. CCSI came in and migrated their entire IT stack to our Next-Gen Desktops with NVIDIA Grid GPU’s to allow a fully seamless workflow utilizing Real-Time Audio and Video with Teams.

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